Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[VINCENT] That ape's got crabs!

Hey peoples,

It's Wednesday and that means a new post from yours truly. Last week I was down and out with a cold that I'm just now getting over, but work had to be done, bills had to be paid, and blogs had to be started. So, last Wednesday's post was just a random assortment of sketches and commissions I did over the last few months that I had laying around my computer. Not much to them and not much thought to the post other than, "Hey, we're baaack!"

From now, I'm going to try and post new stuff. Anything I'm currently working on, reading, watching, etc. To that end, here's my newest drawing which I did last night:

This is Crab Ape. That's a working name, but it might stick. My current project is a creator-owned property called "The Adventures of Captain Sully" started by me and Tyler Shainline. We've been working out details, world-building, character-creating for the better part of two years and all of this talking, chatting, and texting is about to come to fruition very soon. Crab Ape is only one of many villains that try to take out our interpid hero. I won't say much here other than as I was doing research for the his design, I accumulated a lot pics of crazy looking crabs from around the world and his one giant claw is based on the bulky thickness of a Coconut Crab's claw and the long, sharp pincer of the Fiddler Crab. Google them. You will be amazed.

Keep a watch on your local comic shop stands. You might just see a curmudgeonly old sailor and his giant space millipede staring back at you. We are coming!


  1. Coconut crabs creep me out!!! I will NOT google them, thank you very much.

  2. But I DO like your crab ape! ^_^