Thursday, September 29, 2011

[MIKE] Gretchen & Chester Revisions

Based on feedback from the marketing department, here are the new character designs for Gretchen & Chester as they'll be appearing in Amity Blamity Book Two.  Inspired by Fank Cho.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This week I had several things I could've posted on here, but decided to narrow it down to one that I just finished about fifteen minutes ago.

In my constant attempts to use my art to pay my bills, I found inspiration in my friend and professional comic artist, Ray-Anthony Height, who currently has a bunch of auctions on Ebay for his pinups. He start posting a pinup a day for 20 days, all superheroes so far, which is clearly his specialty.

Me being me, I thought I could do that (we'll see). I came up with the idea to a strict theme and since October was coming up, why not celebrate my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween, with a bunch of horror-themed pinups? More than that, why not do an alphabetical horror who's-who? So I got together with Tyler Shainline, fellow horror fiend, and we came up with a list. Guess who's "A"?
Yup! That's right. We got Ash from the Evil Dead. I'm pretty happy with the results of this one, though I think, in order for me to get one in a day, I'm going to have to revert back to one color washes. Fully painted pinups are going to have to wait til I have more than a few hours a day to do them.

So, starting on October 1st, this coming Saturday, I will post this on Ebay and see if anyone wants to buy it. Don't you want original, painted Evil Dead fanart to hang on your wall or frame to sit next to your multiple DVD and Bluray versions of Army of Darkness? You know you do!

I'll post the link to the auction here and everywhere when it goes up. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[JONATHAN] Are you ready for some football?!

I am so happy the NFL season is on!

I dreaded that lockout. Thankfully, there was a resolve and it didn't effect the season schedule (not looking so good for the NBA right now).

I SO look forward to my Sunday's! I get up early (well, comparatively early as I love to sleep-in on Sundays), carry a blanket to the living room, lay on the couch, and happily watch the morning game. Doesn't matter who's on -- I'm always happy Sunday mornings. I didn't get the fancy NFL cable channel packages or the NFL Red Zone, because I swear I'd never leave the house. So I'm good with whatever's on. Whoever Fox or CBS chooses, I'm fine with. I do realize that life does still happen on Sundays. It just starts a little later in the day for me.

Then Mondays come. I eagerly await Monday Night Football all day. I sit at my desk and hum the MNF theme song it. Ask my coworkers -- it's true. Thankfully, some of them join in. :-P

Of course, a lot of my happiness ispredicated on my fantasy football teams' successes. So far, 3 weeks in and my teams are doing well. I have 2 teams and it's probably good that I limit myself to 2 leagues or I would spend all my free time fine-tuning them. I can't talk about my teams much more for fear that I anger the Football Fantasy Gods and my star players get injured. Wait, that already happened to Peyton Manning (I swear the Colts were just smoke-screening his injury!), so maybe I'm owed some karma. Anyhow, we'll see how happy I am at Week 10.

I can't wait until Thursday night games start again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

[JANA] No Pants Monday

Here we are, finally my first post to our wonderful new old group. I missed last week because I was painting a bathroom and dying in what the Bay Area considers HEAT! Enough of my excuses, on to the ART!

I do not have too much going on in the sketchbook department lately so here are some older sketches (but easily within the last couple of months), a colored sketch from Sketchbomb two weekends ago as well as some pages from the 24 Hour Comic Day from this past weekend hosted at Fantastic Comics in Berkeley! Thanks guys! I was not able to scan all of them since many of the pages were 11 x 17 and I do not have an over-sized scanner handy. So please forgive the lack of many pages, they should be there soon as I have been envisioning this story/comic as a finished product for quite some time now.

Skull Mask Lady - such an original name! :P
Sketch dump!
Sketchbomb's opposite sex comic book character. Cheeky!

24 hour comics: Page 1

24 hour comics: Page 2

24 hour comics: Page 4

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Artwork for the the vinyl edition of the CIRCLE of EYES - "S/T" via. Anti-Matter Records is underway, due this Winter; the cassette issue is still available @the Flenser.

Beneath is the tape design/layout that involved photography, found and digital illustration. The 12" version will come with a fold-out 18x24" poster with artwork by Stephen Wilson, whom has worked together with us in SUTEKH HEXEN on various projects.

The concept is based on visual abstractions of LOSS:LIGHT and the cyclic nature of REACTION:DECAY.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

[MIKE] How to Enter a Scene

Here's a spread from Amity Blamity Book Two.  More action, more excitement, more dinosaurs! Inspired by the old Image comics - someone makes an entrance with explosions!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[VINCENT] That ape's got crabs!

Hey peoples,

It's Wednesday and that means a new post from yours truly. Last week I was down and out with a cold that I'm just now getting over, but work had to be done, bills had to be paid, and blogs had to be started. So, last Wednesday's post was just a random assortment of sketches and commissions I did over the last few months that I had laying around my computer. Not much to them and not much thought to the post other than, "Hey, we're baaack!"

From now, I'm going to try and post new stuff. Anything I'm currently working on, reading, watching, etc. To that end, here's my newest drawing which I did last night:

This is Crab Ape. That's a working name, but it might stick. My current project is a creator-owned property called "The Adventures of Captain Sully" started by me and Tyler Shainline. We've been working out details, world-building, character-creating for the better part of two years and all of this talking, chatting, and texting is about to come to fruition very soon. Crab Ape is only one of many villains that try to take out our interpid hero. I won't say much here other than as I was doing research for the his design, I accumulated a lot pics of crazy looking crabs from around the world and his one giant claw is based on the bulky thickness of a Coconut Crab's claw and the long, sharp pincer of the Fiddler Crab. Google them. You will be amazed.

Keep a watch on your local comic shop stands. You might just see a curmudgeonly old sailor and his giant space millipede staring back at you. We are coming!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[JONATHAN] Sleeper

Woot! First post to our new site! Looking forward to our new start! Like Vincent stated last week, one of the things we're gonna try to do is post more regularly with some of us staking claim to a particular day of the week. I will be posting on Tuesdays (ok, so it's past midnight and technically it's Wednesday, but cut me some slack, I'm trying to make my first post a good one :-P). For my first contribution, I wanted to talk about a recent read that turned into one of my favorites!

I recently just checked out Sleeper by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. I had the Season One trade for literally years now but never read it. I moved a few months ago and during that move, I unearthed a few books that I had long forgotten I had, including Sleeper. I love crime stories and was in the perfect place to start reading it. And so I did.

I devoured it.

I haven't torn through a comic series like that in a while. Ed's writing was fantastic -- I love the episodic way he told each chapter. Each story could be enjoyed on its own, but would continually add to the overall arc of the series. And Sean Phillips' art was phenomenal. I'd never seen someone draw a story the way he did, with each page having a splash image frame the rest of the panels on that page. I thought it was unique and very cool. And his painted covers were absolutely gorgeous.

After finishing the series, I felt I had to do some sort of fan art to show my appreciation for the series.

Right after Sleeper, but before I did this drawing, I read a Parker story by Darwyn Cooke. When I went to do this drawing, the thought popped into my head, "What if Darwyn Cooke drew Sleeper?" So I had fun trying out a little more animated style than usual when doing this illustration of Sleeper's main character, Holden Carver. I wanted to emulate the heavy shadowing style of Sean Phillips as well as the moody coloring he did on some of the covers. Lastly, I used part of the same layout design that was used on the Sleeper trades, but also added in some additional text elements -- names, places, events, that affected Agent Carver during his double-agent life!

Obviously, I highly recommend the series. If you haven't read it already, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Reading Sleeper caused me to pick up the first 5 volumes of Ed and Sean's crime series, Criminal. Looking forward to diving into that very soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

[KEVIN] BFC - "Summoning Aural Hell"

Largely inspired by the now classic and forever mythical LLN cassette packaging and presentation aesthetic. See also: VVORLD VVITHOUT END.
The process consisted of a rough logo (re-drawn by myself), photographed elements and digital // 6-panel fold-out poster style packaging to be printed on 100lb. red card stock, folded and inserted into resealable pouches with black/black CDr's. Edition of 140 copies.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[VINCENT] Welcome to the new blog!


Long time no see.

In case you haven't heard the studio formerly known as draw:MECHANICS has now been revamped, rejiggered, and reborn as the [P5]CREATIVE. Welcome to our new home! It's a little messy as we're still moving. Hope you don't mind.

We'll leave all the gory details of the change to the dusty annals of history. What's most important now is that with death comes new life and, I believe, we have that in spades. We're still the same old cartoonists, designers, and creative beasts we always were, but, with hard lessons learned and renewed energy, we're moving forward to the future.

One thing we're going to try and focus on in our new clothes is more and regular posts to our online home. To that end, some of us have staked our claim to particular days of the week. On that day we'll post. What will we post? It could be anything. What we're working on at the moment, our thoughts on the day, a mini-review of what we're reading or watching at the time (like how the heck did DC actually pull of their universe reboot and make it work?). You never know what you're going to get. So, keep coming back and we'll keep giving you new things to look at and/or ponder. 

So, with all that taken care of, here's just a tiny bit of what I've been doing with the little free time I have.


Girl and Robot.

Captain America I did for a contest.

Lil Depressed Boy.

MODOK I did for fun.