Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[JONATHAN] Next sketchbook!

Last week, I accomplished a tremendous feat -- I finished a sketchbook. :-P Now it's not the first sketchbook I've finished, but this one has been with me the longest of all the ones I've ever done. For whatever reason, there were numerous stops and starts along the way. I'm pretty certain I finished another sketchbook in the middle of working in this one.

I started this one way back in 2005 while in art school. At the beginning, I was fairly consistent in sketching in it. Gestures, lighting studies, perspective shots, composition studies, and more. As time went on, I would start "thinking outloud" in it. Writing notes to myself, planning diagrams, roughing mockups, writing lists.

Then somewhere along the line, I stopped working in it.

Looking back through it, I'm not exactly certain why. It's funny, even though this is my sketchbook, it's been with me for so long, I forget what was happening when. I know at points I got really busy with graduate school (for business, not art) and sketching slowed and fell by the wayside for a while. There's a long period where nothing gets added. This sketchbook was forgotten.

Then I found it again.

I threw it into my backpack and started sketching on my commute to work. Or when I was out and about waiting for a friend somewhere. Sometimes, while hanging out with friends having coffee and chatting. It became active during a lot of "inbetween moments".

As time went on, I started treating my sketchbook like a diary. Interspersed amongst the sketches, I'd write. I'd vent about bad days. I'd try to recapture good days. I'd reminisce about fun memories, reflect on experiences, and plan for upcoming events.

Then all of a sudden, I reached the end of the sketchbook.

It's funny -- when I reached the end of it, I thought "Wow, already?". Then looking back, I started working in it about 6 years ago -- clearly an overly long time-period to finish a 100-page sketchbook! Hahaha! But I'm glad I hung with it and finished it out. It's now an interesting time-capsule of moments in my life. It's been fun going through it and going "Oh yea! I remember this now!"

Below, enjoy some scans from my recently completed sketchbook. (I didn't post any of my writings -- you wouldn't have been able to read my handwriting scribblings anyway. :-P)

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