Thursday, January 19, 2012

[VINCENT] Again with The Prophet!

Good Morning internet.

Today's post (or yesterday's if you're a nightowl and saw this earlier) is Prophet. I know what you're thinking, "Didn't that guy do a Prophet fanart already? What is he? Some kind of Rob Liefeld fanboy?" Well, yes and no.

I did do a Prophet not long before this one, but that was my take on Liefeld's original creation's look. The big shoulder pads, the pouches, the big guns, the generally big everything, AND the face guard. Can't forget the face guard. I had always wanted to do my version of Liefeld characters and seeing as Image Comics is about to release a slew of Extreme Studios relaunches upon the unsuspecting comic public, I thought that was as good a time as any to do it.

Then, I read a preview copy of Prophet #21, as reenvisioned by King City creator Brandon Graham and artist Simon Roy and, well, I just had to draw their version, too. There are no words to adequately and succinctly describe the experience of reading Prophet #21. This is a book that started in the grim-and-gritty 90's Image era. We all know what that all entailed. Bringing it back for a new generation may not, on the surface, have been an exciting idea, but Graham and Roy take what could've been a by-the-numbers continuation of the robot-alien-space-beat-'em-up that Prophet was, and completely flip low expectations on its ear and then proceed to pummel you in the face with great visual ideas until your brain melts and oozes out your nostrils. Yeah, it's that good.

Anyways, enough gushing. Here's my little take on the new Prophet. A man that looks more like a grizzled war veteran than a hulking superhero. And the strange new earth he awakens to. I'm still fumbling my way through  digital coloring, so this finished piece isn't exactly what I saw in my head. I'll get it one day, but at least I've finally gotten over the first hump of just starting to do it. Here's the final:
I'm more happy with my original drawing than the colored piece only because I think I aped Simon Roy's style pretty well here. I added a lot of detail that wasn't in the original's uniform/costume like the pipe connectors and puffy seams. Also alien creatures always seem to be everywhere in the issue so they're here as well:


Next week: For reals, grown men who play with cats. In the FUTURE!