Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[JONATHAN] Monster Hunt!

Today's post is the promised continuation from last week's post. Previously, I graytoned my drawing in preparation of coloring it up in Photoshop. So this past week, I did just that.

I decided that I wanted to use a very simple color palette and try to evoke more emotion and atmosphere. For this experiment, I decided to keep everything predominantly blue -- like the soldier and monster were engaged in a game of "cat & mouse" in the moonlight. I created my lighting scheme in the graytone version so that I could just colorized the drawing and just accentuate what was already established. I tried to bring forward the bright spots with highlights, and recede the dark spots with darker values. I also attempted to create separation between the soldier & the stone column in the foreground from the monster in the background. To help separate the elements more, I used a purple rimlight.

May do some graphic design tweaks to it. Not certain yet, but I'll decide soon. Planning on turning this into a print for the upcoming convention season.

Lastly, I decided to name the piece "Monster Hunt". The soldier is not scared. Look at her face. She's not hiding from the monster. She's not on the run. She's ready for a fight. In fact, she's looking for a fight. She's on the offensive. She's hunting it. Monster Hunt.

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