Monday, March 12, 2012

[JANA] No Baby Pants Monday

Just onesie pants. Well, ok a onesie doesn't really have pants but, um... it is, uh... I was struggling with the Pants reference ALRIGHT?!?!

Anyway getting to - or rather choosing to - work with my hands again (not including drawing) was fantabulous. It is made from one 2XL shirt that had the Invincible image printed too small, but it is just right for baby clothes though, eh? Next on the list: a toddler shirt!

Still waiting for inspiration on the cover for my meager sketchbook. I think I'd rather work on art projects. I have a few knocking around in my brain but they are not making themselves apparent to my hands... mostly due to all the "TV" I've been watching lately. And reading. And traveling. And gymming. Soooo, I'm off to the gym! But first a li'l ad I did. The logo I made wouldn't load so f**k it, I ain't posting it. >_<

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