Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[JONATHAN] Back to my story

Normally, I post whatever drawing I've recently finished or currently working on. But over this past week, I've refocused my efforts into getting back to writing my own comic story. So, I thought I'd post a picture of my desk with what I've been working on -- my printed rough draft annotated with revisions in orange. A lot of revisions, I know. :-)

A little background -- I've always wanted to put together a one-shot that I can print up and sell at conventions and give people a glimpse into what I can do as a storyteller. As much as I like doing my prints and commission sketches, I really feel like the coolest thing to do as a comic artist is to take a reader through a story that you created. Take the reader through a tale. Make them pick a side. Make them hate a character. Make them love another. Surprise them with a plot twist. Make them feel something. Take them through an experience. I think it's why I love movies and comics so much -- I feel like I get to experience an intent, unique creative vision.

Since before last year, I've been working on my own comic story. As I said earlier, I want my first work to be a one-shot. I want it to be a self-contained story that is a small, easy impulse buy for people to try out. No long standing commitment that I have to coerce anyone into. I've actually had the intro to it locked for a while now and have even drawn the first five pages. But from there, I've always been a little uncertain how I wanted the story to unfold. It's gone through a few revisions and I've even changed the ending three times. That's why I want to focus on getting the story written -- so I can get it to where I'm happy with how the story goes and can lock it down. Once it's locked, I can get back to drawing it. After all, if you don't know the destination, you don't know what roads to take. I'm still trying to figure out that destination. But I know I'm getting close!

The writing process itself has been an interesting one. The only writing I've ever done before this was for English class in school. But I was just compelled to try and create something and thought I'd try my hand at writing something. And I know I'm not a writer, so I did some reading on how to write. I definitely learned some things and am trying to apply some of what I learned to my story. But more than anything, I know the way I learn is through doing. So... I'm learning a lot right now... And it helps that I'm already okay with knowing that this won't be the greatest thing ever written. Hopefully, not the greatest thing I'll ever write either! I just don't want to put some much pressure on myself that I'll scare myself away and nothing will get done. I've afforded myself that leniency and it's helpful.

Funny enough, I was inspired to get back to my story after watching the movie CABIN IN THE WOODS. I saw it last weekend and really enjoyed it (and recommend it!). I'm not gonna spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it yet since it's still a new release. So I won't talk about it at all. But for whatever reason, the movie sparked something in me to get back to working on my own story. I'm happy that I saw the movie (I'm not a big horror movie fan and rarely watch them) and that it inspired me to get back to working on my vision.

As for the details of my story -- I'm keeping them a secret for now until I get further along. :-)

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