Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[VINCENT] Seattle Sketchin'!

Hey guys,

We're back! Emerald City Comic Con was just as expected; a crazy ride of fun art, wacky artists being artists, and comics galore amidst an ever-growing sea of cosplay and geekery. This year's attendance seemed to double in size and nearly every one of our friends and acquaintances in artists' alley did some of their best business ever. Things are only looking great for next year. I just hope we get just a little better weather outside of the convention center then. Please? Just a little bit?

I tried to take pictures of more of my sketches at the show this time, but I know I missed some. Here's what made it into my camera:

Katniss from The Hunger Games was for myself.


Jason X

The first Alien headsketch I did.

The monster. An experiment in layering  color.


a random sketch for a long scroll of sketches from the con.


Alien vs. Predator (the second Alien head I did at ECCC)

Black Cat for a themed sketchbook

Mary Marvel

unfinished Fantomex (I eventually finished him)
I'm pretty sure I'm missing some. I was drawing a lot during the show. So much so that I didn't really get to do much after except eat and go to the room to sleep. Not that I'm complaining. Did I mention this is the best "job" I could ever have? I did grab a couple of sketchbooks and a couple of prints, including a cool Deadpool from Billy Fowler. Check him out. He's awesome! 

Now, I'm back in the real world and missing my time in Emerald City. Oh well, time is ticking til the next con...

Bye for now!

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