Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[JONATHAN] Got Sketchy the other weekend

Two weekends ago, studiomate Vincent Kukua got myself and Jana Cook to head out to a life-drawing session in San Francisco -- at the Holiday Inn by Fisherman's Wharf to be precise.  But this wasn't your run-of-the-mill life-drawing session.  This was a Dr. Sketchy session.

If you're not familiar with Dr. Sketchy (and I wasn't really before I went to this session), it is an organization that spans the globe that puts on sketch events with burlesque models.  The models have all types of strange, exotic, unique, and often provacative outfits.  As their website states, they bring artists "a rule-breaking cocktail of dames, drinking, and drawing".  If you wanna check out their website, you can click here.

There were six poses we sat in on (we missed the first cause we were a tad late enjoying the weather outside and having some great seafood for lunch at Fisherman's Wharf!)  Each pose was 15 minutes.  This first one was slightly less as we walked into the room and the session was already going.

Sketch 1
In the first sketch, I was so focused on studying the model, I didn't even realize she had this giant feather boa wrapped around the chair and floor behind her.  It's funny to get an intense tunnel vision to try and study detail, and end up missing major visual elements altogether!

Sketch 2
Loved the pose and costume in Sketch 2.  The pose had a quiet intensity to it.  I think "smoldering" would be an accurate description.  The outfit was really cool and it reminded me of an old pulp noir novel or movie. She also had a very ornate necklace that I didn't get to make out too well from where I was sitting, unfortunately.  I think this was my personal favorite pose of the afternoon.

Sketch 3
Sketch 3's model had these crazy, interesting tattoos that were just impossible for me to fully make-out and discern enough to draw from where I was sitting.  I lament not being able to capture any of them.  Instead, I sketched generalities of what I could see.  I think this sketch would have benefitted greatly from me focusing on areas rather than trying to capture everything, but i know I wanted to sketch her kneeling on the chair pose.  I also fell victim to almost running off the paper, so I know I stunted her legs some just to fit them on the paper.  Gah!

Sketch 4
Sketch 4's model was crazy!  He had these giant feather-like things coming out of his back.  His costume was SO big, if I tried to capture it all on paper, his figure woulda been tiny.  Figured I'd just relax and not feel like I had to draw everything.  So just focused more on him than the crazy costume.  And that's a bejeweled gas mask he's wearing.  Yea.  It was crazy.

Sketch 5
I think Sketch 5 was my strongest drawing of the batch.  I was really happy with getting to pay some attention to drapery.  I also like my "short-hand" shadowing.  I think they came out pretty good.  Also, a minor thing, but I'm happy with how I drew her hips and legs.

Sketch 6
It's a little hard to make out, but the model in Sketch 6 was wearing bejeweled dog-bone pasties and holding up a dog collar.  I'm also happy with how this one turned out.  Again, I like how I drew the hips and legs.  And I'm happy that after the first few sketches and getting warmed up, I stopped trying to "capture the entire figure" and looked more at the lighting/shadowing to help give depth to the figures.

Another commonality of all these sketches is that I did them all on 9x12 paper with a ballpoint pen.  For whatever reason, I like the ballpoint pen when sketching.  There's something about it where I feel I can move at a good pace, it'll pick up all the lines - rough or finished, and doesn't smear as easily as when I use pencil.

All-in-all, it was a fun experience.  It won't be the last time I go to a Dr. Sketchy event!

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  1. Mr. Chan! You have lovely life drawing skills! I do so love the shading you captured in sketch 5! I feel that 4,5 and 6 are some of your strongest sketches - helps once you are warmed up! ;)